Review: Priceline Credit Card

Priceline offers a travel credit card that lets you earn points toward Priceline purchases and may give you instant approval. At the very least, the card issuer Barclaycard promises you’ll “get an instant response” to your application.

The Priceline Rewards Visa offers you points that you can use to offset money you owe on the card, including a bit of a bonus if you use those points to offset travel costs. It’s a little confusing, so let’s first start with how many points you get:

> 5 points per dollar on purchases charged to the card

> 1 point per dollar on all other purchases

You’ll also get 5,000 points as a bonus after you use the card for the first time.

Your points are worth a penny a point when redeemed, so your 5000 points would be worth $50.

The thing to understand here is that you get this reward only as a statement credit, meaning that you reduce your card balance by the amount of your redemption. You can use your points for a statement credit against any of your card purchases, at a rate of 1 penny per point, as mentioned. Redeem 5000 points and your card balance goes down by $50. However, if you use your points specifically toward a credit against travel expenses, you’ll get a bonus: the amount of your redemption will be subtracted from your balance, but you’ll also get an extra 10% of your redeemed points put back into your points account.

(For example, if you have a $400 flight charged to the card and you redeem 5000 points, you’ll get $50 off via the statement credit, and you’ll get 500 points added back into your account to use for a later redemption.)

While the possibility of instant approval is nice, this card’s rewards program is only worthwhile if you travel A LOT and if you ONLY use Priceline when you travel. Otherwise, there are better rewards/cash back and travel cards out there.