Profile: QVC Credit Card

The QVC Qcard credit card offers instant approval and actually lets you begin using the card immediately after you are approved. In fact, if you apply and are approved and make a purchase all in the same day, you will get a $10 statement credit that essentially gives you a $10 discount on that first purchase.

The main selling point of the QVC credit card, other than the “buy now, pay later” aspect, is that you can get special 0% financing on large QVC purchases. Depending on the size of your purchase, you could qualify to take 9 months, 12 months, or 18 months to pay off your purchase without paying interest. This is a good deal, but be careful: if you don’t pay off the full balance within the required time, it’s like the deal never happened — you then get charged all of the interest you would’ve paid from the date of purchase.

Oh, yeah… that regular interest rate is a very high 26.49%. You don’t want to ever be in a position to have to pay interest on this card or your debt will pile up fast.

The QVC Qcard has some other discounts and perks, but none exciting enough to mention here. If you’re a QVC fan (who wants instant card approval), this card may be for you, but nothing really jumps out for the casual consumer.

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