Review: Macy’s Credit Card

macyscreditcardsThe Macy’s credit card (issued by Citibank) screams instant approval — its online application promises you can save 20% on your card purchases today AND tomorrow (up to $100 in savings) if you’ll just apply and get approved immediately. This is a card that wants your business and wants it NOW.

That said, you should know a few things about the Macy’s credit card before you trot off to apply:

  • The Macy’s credit card is only accepted at Macy’s unless you apply in store and are approved for the Macy’s American Express card. (And the American Express Macy’s card is harder to be approved for.) Being instantly approved for a card good at a single chain widens your ability to buy on credit only so much.
  • The Macy’s credit card interest rate is 25.99%. This means two things: (1) you’ll probably be approved, even if your credit is kind of bad, and (2) you’ll pay a lot of interest if you don’t completely pay off your card purchases each month.

The perks of the Macy’s credit card are worse than they used to be. There is no rewards point program, but you do get some discount offers throughout the year, with the number of discount opportunities going up as the dollar amount of your purchases for the year goes up. Go here for a complete rundown on rewards.

Overall it is hard to recommend the Macy’s credit card unless you apply just to get the instant approval and instant discounts, or you have bad credit and are trying to get back in the credit game.

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