Review: L.L. Bean Credit Card

The L.L. Bean Visa offers instant approval (or at least an instant decision on your application), and it also lets you use your new credit card today. So, if you’re an L.L. Bean fan, there’s a lot to like here. Note, however, that this is a card geared more toward good credit customers, so if you have bad credit, there’s a good possibility you won’t be approved.

If your credit is good enough, the L.L. Bean credit card gives you 3% in rewards on L.L. Bean purchases and 1% in rewards on all other purchases. Whenever your rewards equal $10, you get a $10 L.L. Bean rewards coupon toward a future purchase.

If you apply and are approved today, you will get 15% off any L.L. Bean purchases you make with the card today.

The card also entitles you to free shipping AND free return shipping on L.L. Bean purchases, free monogramming, and other special discount offers throughout the year.

As far as the interest rate goes, good-credit customers could be approved at a rate as low as 15.24%, though you might also be approved at 18.24% or 21.24%, which are obviously less attractive rates.

The L.L. Bean Visa is issued by Barclaycard. You can apply for the card here.