Review: JCPenney Credit Card

jcp-credit-cardThe JCPenney credit card offers instant approval and is one of the easiest credit cards to get. Its 26.99% interest rate is very high, meaning that even consumers with lower credit scores have a good chance of being approved. In addition, its promise of saving “an extra 15% today” shows you that they not only want to approve you instantly, but they also want you shopping instantly.

Beyond the instant approval and the immediate 15% purchase discount, though, there isn’t so much to love. The card promises “JCPenney Rewards” that increase as you spend more (and make your way to “gold” or “platinum” status), but in truth those rewards seem to be little more than occasional coupons and perhaps free shipping offers. There is no points program to earn free merchandise, no rebates on your card purchases.

So, in the end, while you may be able to get a card to start shopping on credit at Penney’s instantly, you’ll do so with a 26.99% interest rate that could get you into quick trouble if you don’t pay your bill off completely every month. For customers with shaky credit who just want to build a better credit history, your chances of approval are better here than with most cards, but otherwise we can’t recommend the JCPenney credit card.

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