Review: Evine Live Credit Card

evine-live-cc“Open an account and start shopping today” is the headline on the Web page promoting the Evine Live credit card (issued by Synchrony Bank), so you know that instant approval is likely and that you can use the card immediately. If you are a fan of the Evine TV shopping network or the site, this may be enticing to you.

What does the Evine Live credit card offer beyond instant credit?

Not a whole lot, actually. You’ll get a $10 bonus in the form of a statement credit if you use the card at least once in the first 30 days after approval. And you’ll get some discount offers and free shipping offers throughout the year. But that’s about it. There is no ongoing points program to reward you for being a frequent buyer, so there’s no incentive there.

And then there is the card’s interest rate: 27.74%. Even for a retail credit card, this is an outrageous rate. It’s no wonder they are offering instant approval when they have the potential to charge you so much interest — they are hoping you’ll slip up and not completely pay your balances off each month.

Overall this is a difficult card to recommend. Yes, it offers instant approval, but unless you LOVE Evine, there’s not much more to like.

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