Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards

Many gas credit cards offer instant approval. Those associated with specific gas station chains are especially eager for your business and may be more likely to offer instant approval to average or fair credit customers. On the other hand, general cash back cards with enhanced gas rebates from major banks might require better credit.

Check out several gas credit cards that may approve you instantly:

  • Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card – Instant approval is available for many with this card that gives a 3% reward on gas purchases as well as a host of other purchases including flights, restaurants, hotels, streaming services, transit and more. Rewards are given as points that you can use for cash back (3 points per dollar = 3% cash back) or for other rewards.
  • BankAmericard Cash Rewards Mastercard – You may be approved “in as little as 60 seconds” according to this card’s application. It offers 3% cash back on gas as well as 2% cash back on grocery store and wholesale club purchases, and 1% on all other card purchases. Note that if you spend more than $2500 on gas and/or grocery/wholesale club purchases with the card in a calendar quarter the cash back percentage will revert to 1% on further purchases in those categories.

  • bluecasheveryday110Blue Cash Everyday from American Express – “Get a decision in as little as 60 seconds.” If your credit is good enough to be instantly approved for this one, you’ll get a 2% rebate on gas purchases, plus 3% cash back on up to $6000 in supermarket purchases per year and 1% back everywhere else.
  • Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express – This card is a beefed-up version of the card above, with more rewards but also with an annual fee. You’ll pay $95 per year to have this card, but, once approved (in as little as 60 seconds), you’ll get a 3% rebate on gas purchases, as well as 6% back at supermarkets, 6% back on streaming services, 3% back on transit (tolls, Uber/Lyft, parking, etc.) and 1% back on all other card purchases.
  • Sam’s Club Mastercard – If you’re a Sam’s Club member, you can get instant approval on this credit card that gives you 5% cash back on gas purchases (on up to $6000 worth of gas), plus 3% on dining and travel purchases, and 1% on all other purchases. When you open an account, get approved, and use the card on the same day, you’ll get a $45 rebate as a statement credit (provided you spend at least $45). (A basic Sam’s membership coincidentally costs $45.)
  • Rewards Visa – “The majority of applications are responded to in less than 60 seconds,” and this card will give you a quick $50 Amazon gift card once approved ($70 if you’re an Amazon Prime member). As far as the gas rebate, you get 2% back on gas purchases when purchased with this card, as well as 3% back on purchases (5% if an Amazon Prime member), 2% back on restaurant and drug store purchases, and 1% back everywhere else. Rebates come in the form of points that can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, or credit.
  • CITGO Rewards Card – You “may receive an instant response” to your application for this gas credit card that gives you 5 cents off every gallon of CITGO gas that you purchase. (You’ll get 10 cents off per gallon for the first 3 months you have the card.)
  • walmart-mcWalmart Credit Cards – You get a 2% rebate on Walmart and Murphy USA gas purchases with either the Walmart MasterCard or store credit card. You also get 5% back on purchases and (for the Walmart MasterCard only) 2% back on Walmart in-store purchases as well as travel and restaurant purchases. Any other purchases earn 1%.